RAM-10000 System

   Resonance Technique and Apparatus for Elastic-Wave Velocity Determination
in Thin Metal Plates     
- G.L.Petersen, C.M.Fortunko, B.B.Chick -
Ultrasonic Resonance Method with EMAT for Stress Measurement in Thin Plates
- H.Fukuoka, M.Hirao, T.Yamasaki, H Ogi -
Absorption of Ultrasonic Waves in Air at High Frequencies(10-20 MHz)
- L.J.Bond, C.H.Chiang, C.M.Fortunko -
A Hemisperical Test Fixture for Measuring the Wavefields Generated in an Anisotropic Solid
- D.W.Fitting, C.M.Fortunko -
   Adaptive Imaging in Homogeneous Media
- D.W.Fitting, S.J.Norton, C.M.Fortunko -  

   Ultrasound Data Acquisition System Design for Collecting High Quality RF Data From Beef
in the Slaughterhouse Environment    
- I.A.Hein, J.A.Novakofski, W.D.O'Brien Jr. -
Absolute Measurements of Elastic-Wave Phase and Group Velocities in Lossy Materials
- C.M.Fortunko, G.L.Petersen, M.C.Renken, & A.L.Preis -
   Spectroscopy of Resonant Torsional Modes in Cylindrical Rods
      Electromagnetic-Acoustic Transduction    
- W.Johnson, B.A.Auld, G.A.Alers -
   A New Pulsed Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectrometer
- G.L.Petersen, P.J.Bray, R.A Marino -
   Resonance EMAT System for Acoustoelastic
Stress Measurement in Sheet Metals
- M.Hirao, H.Ogi, H.Fukuoka -  

   Determination of Sheet Formability Using Wide Band Electromagnetic-Acoustic Transducers
- A.V.Clark, C.M.Fortunko, M.G.Lozev,S.R.Schaps and M.C Renken -

   Polymer Film Characterization Using Quarts Resonators    
- Stephen J.Martin and Gregory C.Frye -
Nondestructive Testing of 'Thick' Aerospace Honeycomb Structures Using
      Through-Transmitted Ultrasonic Guided Waves     
- C.M.Fortunko, J.O Strycek and W.A Grandia -
Advanced Ultrasonic Method for Measuring Rail Axial Stresses with Electromagnetic Acoustic
- M.Hirao, H.Ogi and H,Fukuoka -

Interferometric Measurement of Ultrasonic Velocities with 
      Long Line-Focusing P(VDF-TrFE)Transducer:V(f) Curves     
- M.Hirao and K.Yokota - 

   Characterization of Composite Prepreg with Gas-Coupled Ultrasonics
- D.E.Chimenti and C.M.Fortunko -
Low Frequency NQR Matching Network      - Gary L. Petersen -
Absolute Measurement of Ultrasonic Attenuation by Electromagnetic Acoustic Resonance
- H.Ogi, M.Hirao, T.Honda, H.Fukuoka - 

    Development of Magnetostrictive type EMAT for Measurement of
Plastic Anisotropy
- E.Chan Hwang, BongYoung Ahn, S.S.Lee K.Y.Chang -
   Measurement of r values in cold rolled steel sheets with EMATs
- Sang Young, Kim, Soo Kwang-Kim & others -   

   Development of an on-line evaluation system of formability in cold-rolled steel sheets using
      electromagnetic acoustic transducers(EMAT)
- Riichi Murayama, Kazuo Fujisawa, Hidekazu Fukuoka and Masahico Hirao -
Fatigue Load Monitoring in Steel Bridges with Rayleigh waves
- A.V Clark, P. Fuchs and S.R. Schaps -
Electromagnetic Acoustic resonance and Materials Characterization     - Masahiko Hirao -
Ultrasonic attenuation and grain-size evaluation using electromagnetic acoustic resonance
- Hirotsugu Ogi, Masahiko Hirao and Takashi Honda -
Small Fatigue Crack Behavoir in 7075-T651 Aluminium as Monitored with 
Wave Reflection    
- M.Hirao, K.Tojo and H Fukuoka - 

   Ultrasonic Resonance of Metallic Spheres at Elevated Temperatures     - W.Johnson/NIST -
   Ultrasonic damping in pure aluminium at Elevated Temperatures    
- W.Johnson/NIST -
   EMAT ̿ ÿ Ҽ̹漺      - Ȳ : Ѿб /

Non-Linear Acoustics (* Ritec ϳ ٸ ԵǾ .)
   Non Linear NDE Using Contact Acoustic Nonlinearity
- Department of Physics,Moscow State university -
Structure and nonlinear acoustic properties of ceramic YBa2Cu3Ox
- O.Yu. Serdobol'skaya, S.P.Tokmakova and L.A Chernozatonskil -
Effect of annealing conditions on the linear and non linear acoustic properties of ceramic
- O.Yu. Serdobol'skaya, S.P.Tokmakova, V.P shabatin and L.A Chernozatonskil -
Influence of microcracks on linear and nonlinear acoustic properties of a bismuth-based 
      high temperature superconducting ceramic
- I.E.Dekalo, V.V.Palachev, O.Yu Serdobol'skaya, S.P.Tokmakova, I.A.Chaban and V.P.Shabatin -
Nonlinear elasticity of HTSC ceramic YBaCuO     - Olga Serdoboiskaya, Svetlana Tokmakova -

    Effects of Nonlinear interaction on measurements of frequency-dependant 
      attenuation coefficients    
- Olga Serdoboiskaya, Svetlana Tokmakova -
ȿ ̿ ⿡
- ,: Ѿб -
   Evaluation of Material Degradation Using Nonlinear Acoustic Effect
- ,: Ѿб                                                                                                  
Nonlinear Acoustic Assessment Of Precipitation-Induced Coherency Strains
     In Aluminum Alloy 2024
- John H. Cantrell & William T. Yost / NASA Langley Research Center -  
Linear And Nonlinear Ultrasonic Properties Of Fatigued 410Cb Stainless Steel
- Jeong K. Na / College of William and Mary -
John H. Cantrell & William T. Yost / NASA Langley Research Center

    Dislocation Contribution to the Second Harmonic Generation of Ultrasonic Waves   
- Akira Hikata, Bruce B. Chick, and Charles Elbaum / Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island -

Non Ritec Papers (* Ritec ϳ ٸ )

   Testing Steel Blooms at High Temperatures Using an EMAT Technique
- R.Cornish and C.Baharis (BHP research) -
An Ultrasonic Method for Reconstructing the Two-Dimensiona; 
      Liquid-Solid Interface
in Solidifying Bodies
- F.A.Mauer, S.J Norton, Y.Grinberg, D.Pitchure and H.N.G Wadley - 


Pulsed NQR

14N ٻ߱     
- ڿ,,۽± / б -

¿ CO(NH2)2 14N Pulsed NQR
- ,ڿ, ,,ּ,,۽± / б -
    14N Pulsed NQR
of CO(NH2)2 at 77K and room temperature
- ,ڿ, ,,ּ,,۽± / б -


- ۽±, ,ڿ / б -
    14N NQR
Investigations of the Mixed Complex SystemsNaNO21-xANO3z : A=K, Na
- ڿ,۽± / б -

    ȥհ [NaNO2]1-X[ANO3]X  (A = K, Na) 14N ٻ߱ 23Na ڱ
- ڿ / б / ڻ -